Maree Furness [email protected] Principal
Senior Management
Karen Davies [email protected] Teacher – Head of Primary, SENCO, Technology
Mike Wilson [email protected] Deputy Principal – Teacher – Secondary English, Media Studies
Siobhan Skinner [email protected] Teacher – Head of Secondary, Maths, Enviro, Year 12/13 Form Teacher
Teaching Staff
Anna Bellerby [email protected] Teacher –  Special Needs/Maori
Ann Marshall [email protected] Teacher – Primary/Secondary Food & Soft Tech, Art
Bonnie Nightingale [email protected] Teacher – Primary, Year 3 -4
David Macdonald [email protected] Teacher – Primary/Secondary Science, Year 11 Form Teacher
Deborah O’Dell [email protected] Teacher – Primary Year  5 & 6
Eli Briasco [email protected] Teacher – Primary/Secondary, English, Phys Ed, Year 7/8 Form Teacher
Leigh McKinlay [email protected] Teacher – Primary Year 0-2
Neil Hickling [email protected] Teacher, ICT Technician
Paula Moore [email protected] Teacher – Learning Support
Richard Wilkins [email protected] School Counsellor, Careers Advisor, Teacher
Steph Stuart [email protected] Teacher – Secondary, Hard Tech, Phys Ed, Year 9/10 Form Teacher
Lisa Hooker [email protected] Teacher – Secondary, Biology, Social Studies, Enviro
Support Staff
Ben Verhoef [email protected] Caretaker & Groundsman
Selene Turner [email protected] Financial Administrator & BOT Minute Secretary
Melanie Hewetson Cleaner
Pauline Agnew [email protected] School Secretary & Teacher Aide
Renee Jope [email protected] Librarian, Teacher Aide, K.E.G Facilitator & BOT Staff Trustee
Haley Kiddey [email protected] Teacher Aide
Debby Upsall [email protected] Learning Support Co-Ordinator for The TOSI COLS
Teresa Hug [email protected] Teacher Aide