PB4L (The Rai Way) Positive Behaviour for Learning

As a PB4L school we cherish our values of: Respect Achieve Inspire


We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning School.  PB4L is all about teaching children the right behaviour, just like we teach any other subject at school.

  • If a student does not know how to read, we teach
  • If a student does not know how to swim, we teach
  • If a student does not know how to multiply, we teach
  • If a student does not know how to behave, we teach.

PB4L School-Wide looks at behaviour and learning from a whole-of-school as well as an individual child perspective. The framework is based on international evidence.

The Positive Behaviour for Learning framework is helping New Zealand schools build a culture where positive behaviour and learning is a way of life. The framework is be tailored to your school’s own environment and cultural needs.

It’s not about changing the students; it’s about changing the environment, systems and practices you have in place to support them to make positive behaviour choices.

PB4L School-Wide is based on the Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework developed at the University of Oregon in the 1990s. PBIS is now in thousands of schools across the United States and there are over 800 School-Wide schools in New Zealand.

Visit this website to find out more: http://pb4l.tki.org.nz/PB4L-School-Wide/What-is-PB4L-School-Wide


For more information on PB4L at Rai Valley Area School contact: steph@rai.school.nz