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A  fantastic, fun and informative community event spread over two days! Here you will find information and links to animal entry forms, pet schedule and a number of others items. Keep scrolling down to find these.

Key Dates for Pet Day 2023:

  • Wednesday, 11th October for Indoor exhibits (Week 1 Term 4)
  • Thursday, 12th October for Outdoor activities (Week 1 Term 4)
  • Thursday 26th October Group Day at Wairau Valley (Week 3 Term 4)

General Information

Animal Diaries are available from school or the website above.  A reminder that there are separate diaries for many of the animals and special Group Day Diaries for rabbits and raised chicks. The Pet Profiles are for those entering the general Pet Section.  All pet diaries and profiles need to be completed and returned to school by Friday 6th of October.

For any new families to our school wanting more information please contact your class teacher, Karen Davies or Renee Jope at the school.

Indoor exhibits can be brought to school on Wednesday 11th October and must be in by 11:30am. The hall will then be closed for afternoon judging.

Students, I hope you are rearing and training your pets for the big day! It would be great if lots of you could bring chickens, hens (last year’s chickens!), dogs, rabbits, lambs, goats, horses and anything other suitable pets you might have.

A reminder that Calves and Lambs need to be born after 1st August 2023. Check out the website for some great tips on rearing, grooming and training your lamb/calf. This will help you to keep track of what you need to do to make sure that your animal is on top form for show day! 

Group Day will take place on Thursday 26th October at Wairau Valley School. We like to encourage our students to enter this traditional Marlborough event either with indoor exhibits or outdoor pets. It is open to winners over various sections from Years 1 – 8. Please check the schedule for entries marked with a hash in bold (#)

Please also check future newsletters, the school Facebook page, the school website and phone app for key information regarding Pet Day, which will be added to as we go.

Alternatively, if you have any queries please contact Karen Davies at school via or Renee Jope at school via

Pet Day Schedule 2023






MBGAC Rabbit Diary 2023


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Project chicken diary 2023



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