Unique ‘Family’ Atmosphere

Rai Valley Area School is a very special environment which includes all age groups – from 5 – 60 years.  Being an area school means that primary and secondary students ‘rub shoulders’ every day.


Supportive Environment
Rai Valley Area School is a very caring school.  It has a excellent structure to cater for student needs.  Many students who have had difficulty at other schools have found success at Rai Valley Area School.


Small Classes – Skilled Teachers
One of the major advantages is that classes are small which means students are able to work closely with teachers and receive considerable one on one help.


Small School – Where everyone knows your name
Rai Valley Area School is a small but dynamic place to be.  It has a philosophy which puts great emphasis on the value of each individual student.  This helps students feel a sense of belonging and of safeness and assists their achievement.


Strong Track Record
Rai Valley Area School has a tradition of achievement.  Ex-students remember their school days as ‘the best days of their lives’ and many have done outstandingly well. Students leave with a strong foundation for life ready to take advantage of employment or further study.


Attractive Setting and Great Facilities
For its size – our school is exceptionally well resourced.  We have one computer for every 2 students, a great library, a big hall, excellent grounds and an up to date Technology suite.
Our attractive school is set in a picturesque valley.