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Growing and Learning towards a great future

Rai Valley is a small rural community situated 50kms from Nelson and 70kms from Blenheim.
Rai Valley Area School is situated on the Main Nelson / Blenheim highway and provides the community with a range of educational opportunities from Pre School to Adult Education classes.

The school caters for students from Years 1-13 in modern and exciting classrooms and facilities. This includes a Technology suite, a computer suite, a school and community library and school hall.
The community is very much part of the school with a lot of community groups using the school facilities for sporting or cultural activities.

The Rai Valley Area School Board of Trustees, staff and parents are committed to providing the best educational opportunities and support for our students and this is reflected in the family atmosphere which is present and promoted in the school.

Rai Valley Area School extends a warm welcome to all its incoming pupils. We look forward to working with you and to including you as part of our family. Likewise a warm welcome is also extended to parents/caregivers. We are very keen for parents/caregivers to know that the doors are always “open” at Rai Valley Area School.

Educating our children is a shared responsibility between the school and the home so that the more we know about what we are trying to achieve, the more effective we are likely to be in helping our children to learn.

Rai Valley Area School belongs to us all, so let’s together strive to make it as effective a school as possible. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to contact the school at any time regarding matters you may wish to discuss.

The school has a strong focus on EOTC and environmental education and the outdoors are promoted as an excellent learning environment for our students.

Please contact the school office for further information about school programmes.


Positive Behaviour for Learning PB4L

This is a behaviour management programme designed to enhance learning. It has been introduced into Rai Valley Area School in 2014 and is a five year journey.

PB4L helps school communities develop specific behaviour expectations (for us it is the RAI way) then explicitly teaches these expectations with rewards for appropriate behaviour and consequences for inappropriate behaviour. The emphasis is on maintaining positive relationships between people and reteaching rather than punishing.

In practice it enables effective instruction to take place, reducing problem behaviours and increasing school safety and predictability.

We have rules for:
• The School
• The Classroom
• To and from School
• The Grounds

This is our “RAI Way” – Respect, Achieve, Inspire.

Your child should be able to tell you about our RAI rewards.

If you would like to know more you could visit the following website:
Positive Behaviour for Learning

Or speak to your child’s teacher.